Monday, May 6, 2013

On Buying Art.

You should.

Buying art is really fun. (Even if you can't afford a Munchs. But wouldn't that be even more fun?) And important. In the last two years my boyfriend and I have begun quite a lovely little collection. Most of the pieces are from local artists (the best ones, in our opinion), and a few are from artists that are making it, or soon will make it, big. We don't spend copious amounts of money here, but we do buy everything together. And we hang it together, and we take joy and pride in our collection together. 

We're art people, so me saying that you should buy art might not mean much. So forget about quality or affinity or knowledge of the work, and let's just talk about this as a thing to do. Like cooking dinner or taking the dog for a walk.

Buying art helps you identify and embrace your own aesthetic - it is one of the best, most fun, most rewarding opportunities for self-expression that I've ever found. It makes our house a home, as trite and improbable as it may sound. Perhaps even more importantly, buying art has connected us to our community. It has opened our eyes to new ideas and perspectives right here in my hometown, and we have met the most incredible, bright, smart, funny people that I could ever imagine. What could be better than that?

Can't wait to get the latest piece back from the framer...

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